About Us

About Ara Sofa is a manufacturer of modern Sofa and Sofa bed

The Ara Sofa began its activity in 2000 in the area of ​​producing the latest and most modern modern furniture, beds, folding beds, beds for sofa beds, bedding sets, and is now offering the latest and most beautiful home and office furniture products with the high diversity of products.

Fittings, mechanisms, hinges and even sewing threads used in these products are imported from Turkey, as well as foams and sponges used by the best domestic factories that are suitable for bed and medical treatment, provided comfort and Provides comfort in both sleep and awakening.


  • Policy
Ara Sofa has always put forward the quality of using high quality raw materials, precise quantitative and qualitative controls at manufacturing stations and manufacturing systems with the world’s best knowledge. This producer group declares its quality policy as follows: Consultation and providing sufficient information about the product Providing products of the best quality and diverse variety The price is right education Department Accessories and after sales services responsiveness Customer Relationship Promotion of Iranian business model based on emotional relationships Improving customer satisfaction and respecting different interests Continuous improvement in the production of diverse products Promoting health work environment R & D and innovation in design
  • R &d

According to the research carried out by the R & D unit and the design department of the organization, as well as the approach to entering the market with a complete basket of goods, the company has been able to introduce more than 80 products in addition to providing a variety of products, based on continuous control and promotion The quality of its products creates a complete set of home and bed furniture in accordance with the needs of its consumers.

  • Q.C

In different stages of control and inspection, to confirm the quality of products, performance tests and durability are carried out. With this approach, a lab equipped with a quality control unit has been developed that works with the latest tests and standards of the day. It should be noted that all products have a qualitative score and these concessions are summarized on a monthly basis and The quality control committees are analyzed in order to take appropriate measures to improve the quality of the products.