ara sofa “A10” one seater Singel Bed

one seater sofa-bed.


The convenience couch is a member of the  ARA SOFA , the A10 model , one man”s sit and one man ” s bed

The couch is a A10 model with a simple , modern look , such as models .

It is designed to satisfy customers who prefer simple , modern , and elegant models .

The couch furniture has a comfortable seat with the width and length of ( 80 * 70 ) , a comfortable seat to sit down .
As a result , the space you need for this model is with the same dimensions .
( It does not occupy a whole lot of space )

This couch model provides you with a flat bed of width and length ( 195 * 80 ) , a comfortable bed for you to lie down .

The main structuare of all ara sofa furnitures are light industrial metals .
The use of industrial metal results in high yield strength alongside the weight.
metal components welding using industrial welding of CO2 and “argon” that cause high strength of parts .
The Insole of all the products were used instead of steel wire ( mesh ) .
the back and insole that have been used in Products are high – density urethane .
It has been used in the bottom layer of felt felt 5 mm thick , to protect the furniture .
The fabrics used are one of the best and most versatile of the first – class fabrics .
The coloring of the models is more than 60 of the color and fabric coloring .
The cushions and the pillows were dreams of viscous and able to wash ,
They are a special bag of span bandages .
the most tolerable weight of products is 120 kg , and the 2 sitt – person models 210 kg .
The form of the drawing and drawing form of the sofa is ara regonomy ,
which provides the ideal conditions for the spine and the vertebrae .
All the furniture products include one year of guarantee and 10 years of post – sales services .


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