ara sofa “B14” Three Seater Sofa Bed

three seater sofa-bed


the divan consists of three – person couch with three – person seating arrangement and the dimensions of the sofa with dimensions of 75 * 225 cm .
the bundle of this furniture model is composed of light industrial metal which welded metal lace loops away from the mattress during settlement and settlement . this model fits the couch in a perfectly beautiful bed by rotating the couch in the seat of sofa by mechanisms .

The benefits of couch couch sofas are :

1-The four – member seat of the four – person sitting room.

2-The Great Box of the Great sit

3-light metal skein

4-High density medical mattress

5-nano cloth black fabric

6-wood sofa sand and very beautiful and robust

7-easy handling and lightweight

8-Simple square dress.

9-leather handels with Geometric design

the connections and metals used are made using electrostatic technology .

the mechanism and parts of this couch are the thrones of turkey .

welding of metal parts by welding of co2 and argon can cause high strength of parts .

use of industrial metal leads to high strength of the product with low weight .

in the sit of couch and the bed this sofa is used instead of conveyor belt ( mesh ) of metallic gratings .

the fabrics used in this product are the best and most versatile .

materials and methods : this was a cross – sectional study carried out in this study .

the cushion and pillows of sleep are viscous and non – viscous , with a special pouch of the same material .

in the bottom layer , a plexiglas with a thickness of 5 mm was used to protect the couch .

the design form and the living form of ergonomics are supposed to provide organic ideas for the spine and lumbar

vertebrae .



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