ara sofa “NB13” three seater sofa-bed

three seater sofa bed


The couch is a bed of three seat ( three – four seat ) and one man ” s bed .
This model of the couch is able to be a bed and has a box , or cupboard , under a large mattress .
The couch is an easy – looking , modern and It is designed to satisfy customers who prefer simple , modern , and elegant models .
The armchair , with width and length ( 225 x 75 ) , has a comfortable seat to sit .
As a result , the space you need for this model is with the same dimensions .

this couch model has a flat – bed model in a plane with width and length ( width and length ) ,
give you a comfortable bed .
this model has a set of 7 , and 6 – seat sets suitable for home and office .



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