ara sofa “v12” single seater sofa-bed

single seater sofa-bed.


The couch is a bed with a single one seat with a bed size of 80 x 190 , a comfortable bed to sleep for you .
The stractuare is a type of light industrial metal , and the bed has 30 kg , which is suitable for the sofa – bed .
The floor and the back of the sofa is pre – density polyurethane foam , and is quite well – equipped with high resistance in the shape of a long life .
The space under the V12 parlour is a box of 70 x 70 with MDF coating of white finish , which both in bed and couch can be used to insert personal gear .
Among the advantages of sofa – bed furniture , waterproof fabric , easy cleaning , low volume , light weight ( stractuare with light industrial metal ) ,
It was easy to move when it was easy to move and ease the couch .


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